Punch it Muay Thai Skipping Rope blue – B1 Muayrope Pro Ball-Bearing

฿ 690.00

Traditional muythai ropescipping blue with Ball-Bearing as used in all muythai gyms in Thailand.

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SKU: 100_06_003

Elevate your training regimen with the Punch it Muay Thai Skipping Rope in sleek black, now featuring an advanced ball-bearing mechanism. Crafted for martial artists and competitive fighters, this skipping rope enhances agility, coordination, and endurance. Tested and used daily at the Punch it Muay Thai Gym in Thailand, it ensures durability and superior performance. The addition of ball-bearings provides smooth, effortless rotations for efficient and effective workouts, minimizing friction and maximizing speed. Lightweight yet durable, this skipping rope is designed to improve your footwork and cardio, offering an unrivaled training tool that meets the demands of high-intensity routines.

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