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Pads / Claw

These Punch it Thai-Pads are made of real leather and are indisputably the most popular tool of every Muaythai trainer around athe world. The Thai pads have been used for many years. We also need these every day in our gyms and can optimize them again and again

Punch it R1-Pro Kick-Thaipad gold

฿ 3,190.00
Punch it R1-PRO Fight Focus Pad - high quality Boxing-Kickboxing-Muaythai Trainer Pad made of real-Leather

Punch it S1-Pro Fastpad

฿ 2,850.00
The Punch it S1-Pro Fastpad pads are excellent for Muaythai, kickboxing and Boxing. They are very popular in the gym for any level.

Mongkon made in Thailand

Do you have your own Mongkon like every Muaythai Champions? Or do you need a Mongkon made in Thailand in your colors? On request, we can also make you a Mongkon in the color of your choice. Write to us at Would you like to know more about the meaning of Mongkon and Wai Kru? visit our Nakmuay.blogh and get fit with the sport of Muaythai outside of training